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Locally sourced, seasonal assortments made just for your event. These beautiful displays give variety as well as the convenience of satisfying any dietary preference your guests may have. 

Let's start with:

  • Seasonal fruits, cheeses, crackers

  • Deli meats 

  • Local honey

  • Roasted nuts

  • Local granola

  • Veggies (cold) with creamy dip

  • Hummus and toasted pita

  • Chocolate

  • Fresh baked breads and assorted flavored butters and jams


From there you may choose to add different items to elevate the presentation or increase the amount of food provided for a heavier option or to take the place of a meal. Some popular additions are:



  • Smoked, seared sausage

  • Goat cheese & tomato confit crostini

  • lemon- dill salmon bites

  • buttermilk biscuits (cheddar-garlic, sweet potato, traditional) + butters and jam

  • Crispy brussels

  • Bourbon meatballs (sweet and tangy, served hot)

  • Smoked wings (served hot)

  • Pasta (many to choose from, served hot)

  • Chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce, served hot

  • Spicy sausage stuffed mushrooms



  • Fudge brownie bites

  • Mini cupcakes

  • Cake parfaits (individual sizes)

  • Pecan pie squares

  • Key lime pie minis

  • Strawberry shortcake cups

  • Peach cobbler cups

  • Pumpkin cheesecake

  • carrot cake cups

  • Assorted cookies (cream cheese, sugar, chocolate chip, lemon)

  • Brown butter & sea salt rice treats 

Ask about our holiday and special occasion themed spreads, as well as individual boxes!

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